Which form of Selenium Should I Take?

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The world of supplements can be overwhelming to say the least.  It used to be one form of most vitamins, but through science we have learned so much in the way of chelating minerals to make them more absorbable.

Let me discuss just 1 mineral: Selenium.

Sometimes, different forms of a mineral have different functions.  For selenium, the inorganic forms are more useful in fighting cancer than the organic selenomethionine form.  Selenomethionine is more effective at increasing tissue levels of selenium and increasing glutathione peroxidase activity.

The methionine combined to the selenium allows the cells to incorporate the selenium into general body proteins.  This is very benefical for the body as it can pull selenium from general body stores when it is needed.

Sodium selenite is metabolized by the body into hydrogen selenide (H2Se) which can be used to fight cancer.  The metabolite is toxic; it fights cancer by killing cancer cells and at high levels normal cells by a process called “cell necrosis.”  This process is inflammatory.

Methylselenocysteine is found naturally in the brassica family of foods: garlic, brassicas, leeks, and onions – especially when they are grown in high selenium soil.  This is a non-toxic form of selenium that can also fight cancer.  It kills cells through a non-inflammatory process called apoptosis.  It basically means “cellular self-destruction” which is an orderly process that does not cause damage to healthy cells.  Methylselenocysteine does not accumulate in the body.


mhoWhich form of Selenium Should I Take?

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