What to do if your Child Gets Croup

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Any parent who has had a child with croup knows just how scary it sounds.  Fortunately, croup’s bark is worse than its bite.  It sounds frightening and often presents in the middle of the night, which is the best way to get any parent’s anxiety level up!

This will help you to know what to do.  You will have a plan and an easy to follow guide to get you through this viral infection that affects a lot of children.

You may even want to print this guide.

1. Steam

Take your child into the bathroom and run the shower hot to create steam.  You want a lot of steam.  For a little extra help, you can put some drops of lemon or eucalyptus into the hot water.  Eucalyptus kills up to 80% of the germs in the air on contact.

2. Homeopathy can be a great ally

Aconite 30c is a great homeopathic for the beginning stages of illness.  It’s main characteristics are sudden onset, fearfulness, restlessness, and intensity.  If your little one wakes up after midnight with croup and is fearful, this is a great place to start.  The croup is typically dry with no mucus.

Remember it is about the beginning, so if the croup has been around for a day, Aconite most likely will not work.

Spongia tosta 30c is a homeopathic that will help more so when your child wakes around 2 am, with a very dry cough that sounds like a seal’s bark or like a saw going through wood.  Spongia is needed if sitting upright or bent forward makes your child feel better.

Hepar sulphur is a remedy that helps if the croup wakes him/her around 3 am and has a rattling cough with mucus.  Unlike spongia, throwing the head backward will improve the cough.

I highly recommend having the remedies on-hand for emergencies.

Instructions for use:

If it is a severe, give 3 pellets every 15 to 30 minutes until it resolves.

If it is mild, give 1 dose of 3 pellets and if needed repeat in 2 – 3 hours.

3. Preventing Croup

Vitamin C is always helpful in preventing illness.  From 6 to 12 months, give 60 mg.  From 1 to 4 years the dose is 100 mg to 200 mg three times a day.  5 years and older 500 mg twice a day is helpful.  I like the powdered form, you can decrease/increase the dosage easily.  The chewable kind can damage the enamel on the teeth from the ascorbic acid.  

Codliver oil can be very helpful.  Give 1 teaspoon for toddlers for 6 months or longer.  This is also very good for overall wellness and health.  Essential oils are important for cellular membrane health.


If it doesn’t resolve, make sure you get the proper professional help.  There are many other remedies for croup, so if it doesn’t resolve from these, don’t despair.  I’m very easy to make an appointment with, just click here.  If you are a new patient, select the 90 minute consult and returning patients select the 45 minute link.   





mhoWhat to do if your Child Gets Croup

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