Naturopathy for Children

In addition to providing naturopathic treatment for adults, Livespring Wellness provides naturopathic treatment options for children as well.

Why use Naturopathic treatment for children?

Natural therapies are great for children. They’re safe and effective, they offer an alternative to the potentially dangerous side effects caused by harmful medications and drugs, and they’re great for keeping the immune system healthy.

Naturopathy can be used to treat the following conditions in children:
  • ear infections
  • respiratory infections
  • failure to thrive
  • sensory integration disorder
  • digestive disorder
  • skin disorders such as eczema
  • cradle cap
  • food allergies
  • learning disabilities
  • unusual disorders
How does the treatment process work?

Using naturopathy treatment for children can sometimes be difficult as they often cannot speak for themselves. Therefore, we as adults must determine elucidate the true disturbance, which Dr. Crider encourages parents to understand before undergoing the treatment process.

Ultimately, Naturopathy gives you tools to help optimize a growing child’s nutritional needs for better cognition and learning, immune support, and a growing body!

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