Virtual integrative medicine appointments

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Virtual Integrative Medicine Appointments

You’ll love saving time and money by taking advantage of our virtual appointments!

Are you tired of sitting in a waiting room, for minutes to possibly hours?  I think the longest I’ve waited for an appointment is 2 hours.  I nearly had a heart attack in addition to what I was seeing the doctor for.  I had taken time off work, but I truthfully had no idea it was going to take me literally 2 hours BEFORE ever being seen.  It isn’t like my time is useless.  I’m sure you’ve had those feelings.  This is why I created the virtual integrative medicine appointments.

I had a really nice visit this morning with someone who admitted that they rolled out of bed only 15 minutes earlier and were sitting on the couch for the virtual integrative medicine appointment.  He had his appointment before work, he didn’t have to drive unnecessarily in rush hour traffic or wait 30 minutes to be seen for only 5 minutes.  I also got to meet his dog – which was really nice.  It is almost like a house call, without the travel.  

I was on time and so was my patient.  There was no waiting.  Don’t you want someone to respect your time?  I know when I was waiting and waiting and waiting…  I felt almost disrepected.  As if I had the liberty to just sit around all day for 1 appointment.  It was very frustrating.  

This is what I mean when we do not treat you like a number, but a person.  I’ve had patients say “I love this!  It’s so easy!”

What’s even more wonderful, is that I have had the special opportunity to have virtual appointments all over the world – from close to home cities such as Tampa, Miami, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Dallas to Panama City, Mexico City, and Jakarta.  I love connecting with people.  

We live in such a special time now, that these things are actually possible and making life easier!  

If you want to see what integrative medicine can do for you but you don’t have someone living close to you, consider a virtual appointment with me.  It’s easy and effective! 

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