PFOA and PFOS and Vaccines

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Vaccine, PFOA, PFOS

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Who thought the word vaccine would become controversial?  I remember being so proud of having my vaccinations as a kid.  It must have been so exciting to be a doctor and be able to offer people something to avoid getting sick.  Just think…  it was the promise of a better life.

But what if something has changed in our world?  What if we are being exposed to too many things now?  I think this is a very valid question.  Scientists are asking this question too now.

If you are reading this, chances are – you are a concerned parent.  I am a concerned physician.  There is too much to discuss in one blog post, but there are recent studies showing that every day contaminants are affecting the antibody response to the vaccines.

You (and your children) are exposed to so many chemicals – more than you know.  One family of chemicals are called perfluorinated compounds.  Often these are indicated by shorthand – PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).  They are fluorosurfactants (they repel substances in things they are applied to).  PFOS is the active ingredient in Scotchguard which is a stain repellant and PFOA  are water repellants and are used in the production of Gore-Tex.

PFOA is also found in microwave popcorn bags, fast food wrappers, candy wrappers and other food wrapping that prevents oil from soaking into the paper and non-stick coating.  Fluorosurfactants are considered to be bioaccumulative and have a very long serum half-life of 4 years.

A half-life is how much it takes for half of the amount of chemical to break down.  So it takes 4 years to get to 50% of the original amount.  Then, it takes another 4 years for 50% of that amount that is left over.  Then 4 years to get to 50% of that!  This is not considering re-exposure!  To me, that’s ludicrous!

This means that long term build up is dramatic.  It takes more time for it to leave your body that it does for re-exposure.  Just consider eating 1 bag of popcorn a week – that’s weekly exposure to something that will take years to break down.

PFOS and PFOA are found in every person in the U.S. population – reported by the CDC in the Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals.

2 recent studies have revealed that these compounds imbalance the immune system and lead to reduced cellular immunity and increased allergy and autoimmune tendencies.


Here is the kicker that is meaningful to you – Dr. Grandjean and his team reports that PFOS and PFOAs, at levels commonly found in the CDC Fourth report, are associated with lower antibody responses in children who were immunized using vaccines.  In fact, their antibody production was so compromised that the antibody levels were not enough to give the child long-term protection from tetanus and diphtheria.  The PFOS and PFOA chemicals are literally blocking the vaccines from working.


I think the conversation regarding vaccines is not considering all the extenuating circumstances.  Things have changed in our world – to the point that it is having a true effect on our nervous and immune systems.  The chemicals and vaccines are harming your children.  


Is microwave popcorn really that important to convenience that we are sacrificing our very immune system?

It doesn’t matter what supplements you take or don’t take, what vaccinations you give or don’t give, if you have these chemicals in your system, you will have issues.

It’s easy to clean up:

Get rid of all your non-stick cookware.

Make your popcorn on the stove or with a popcorn popper.

Ask for parchment paper for your meat at the butcher counter if they have it.  Better yet, find someone who raises their own meat and buy direct.

Clean your house and use healthy Cleaning Products for your Home.  

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