Patient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

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“Your first appointment with a homeopath will be different from your previous visits with a conventional physician. Though there are various interviewing styles among homeopaths, there are a few common denominators, regardless of the form the interaction takes. A homeopath is interested in you as an individual, not as a diagnosis, although the diagnosis may help her speak the common
language shared by health care practitioners. What most interests a homeopath is what is unique about you. What makes you stand out in comparison with others, even those with the same diagnosis. You will have plenty of time with your homeopath, up to even two or three hours, during the initial appointment. The first visit is extremely important for her to gain a deep understanding of who you are and what medicine would be best to give you.

There are over two thousand substances made into homeopathic medicine. Your homeopath will look for the one medicine that fits you the best. Everything about you is of interest, inside and out, from what troubles you the most to what you may not even come to light consciously. You will usually be asked to fill out a reasonably detailed medical history form. Some homeopaths use that information as the basis of the interview. Others do not read what you have submitted beforehand, preferring to have an open mind free of preconceived ideas about you.”

mhoPatient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

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