Psychophysiology in Action

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Mind-body connection is a term that has become much more main-stream recently. Psychophysiology is an application of the mind-body concept. In Naturopathy, we sit down with the patient for an hour to an hour and a half to listen to the person’s story and how it has affected his/her health. Many times, we use an emotion, a traumatic event, or word choice help to guide us to the underlying mental/emotional cause of the symptoms. It is the application of mind-body … Read More

mhoPsychophysiology in Action

Patient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

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“Your first appointment with a homeopath will be different from your previous visits with a conventional physician. Though there are various interviewing styles among homeopaths, there are a few common denominators, regardless of the form the interaction takes. A homeopath is interested in you as an individual, not as a diagnosis, although the diagnosis may help her speak the common language shared by health care practitioners. What most interests a homeopath is what is unique about you. What makes you … Read More

mhoPatient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine