Homeopathy First Aid

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If you are planning a trip or if you enjoy doing weekend outdoor adventures, homeopathy can be your best friend while out on the trail.  I love The Savvy Traveler’s Guide which gives you a nice guide to purifying water, traveling light, and how to avoid malaria.  It’s a great book overall.  Homeopathy first aid is something pretty much anybody can do.  It is inexpensive, easy to get, and easy to use! Here are the remedies I cannot live without. … Read More

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1 Quick Hunger Tip

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If you feel hungry, a creamy beverage makes you feel fuller faster than a thin, watery one.  Chia seeds can definately help in this arena.  Adding chia to a drink will help to sustain you with less calories. Add chia to any drink, especially fresh fruit or vegetable juices to stave off that hunger that hits you in the middle of the afternoon.  

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Bedtime Blood Sugar

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Are you waking up in the middle of the night and don’t know why?  Are you concerned that your sleep is affecting your daily life and daily happiness?  One thing you may not have thought of is dipping nightime blood sugar.  Your body, in response to unstable blood sugar may release cortisol and adrenaline, which will wake you up. First of all, fluctuating blood sugar levels are always a concern to me.  Even hypoglycemia means there is some dysregularity with … Read More

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4 Top Probiotic Foods

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Fermented foods are some of the best and easiest ways to eat your probiotics.  Fermented foods improve digestion and can actually INCREASE the nutritional value of your foods. Before I tell you my personal favorite fermented foods, did you know that even Captain Cook had barrels of sauerkraut on his ship and even after 27 months at sea, it was still delicious enough to serve to some Portuguese noblemen who had come aboard.  Throughout many temperature changes and constant movements … Read More

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Nutrition for Joints

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Nutrition for joints – does it really work? Hey, so you have these painful joints and other than surgery – what can you do? Actually a lot according to some research.  Dr. Welker, MD did a study using amino acids and vitamins and got great results. Degeneration of collagen and cartilage generates pain and immobility.  Over time, pessimism has set in about collagen being able to regenerate, but we are seeing more data showing the cells that create collagen have … Read More

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Treating Dementia with Niacin

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Dementia.  Alzheimer’s.  Say it slowly, let it sink in.  These diseases are becoming more and more prevalent but not less serious.  Treating dementia can be daunting.     Dementia affects around 5 million people in the U.S.  It is debilitating and progressive and causes a lot of heartache.  Drug therapies are moderately effective at best and they work only for a limited time.  Medical treatment of AD uses acetylcholinesterase inhibitors or n-methyl-d-aspartic acid glutamate receptor antagonists.    Cognitive declines of … Read More

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