New information about Vaccine Safety – What you NEED to know

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Hello all,

As you may know, I participate in a homeoprophylaxis program for at risk children and for families that who are fearful of vaccines.  I used to be a huge supporter of vaccinations and was in fact, rather proud that I had been vaccinated as a younger adult.  This didn’t change for a very long time for me.

I personally love science and have spent a long time in research and saw what sometimes must be done in order to ‘produce.’  Science will hide certain details to a study if they are detrimental to its outcome.  Scientific research relies on funding, just like anything else, and if the funding is in danger of running out, well, you know what must be done…

Being truly scientific, I researched further and further into this field, mostly because parents were asking about it.  I found myself down a rabbit hole – in a world a lot like Alice – strange and hard to believe.  I learned many startling things – such as the placebo that vaccines are compared against are not saline but sometimes other vaccines or the adjuvent.  This means that the placebo is not inert, which is a fundamental aspect of true science.

I am including a video by Dr. Andrew Wakefield who is a CDC whistleblower and a link to a book, named The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative that explains homeoprophylaxis and vaccines.  I don’t want you to necessarily just take my word for it, but research for yourself and read information from people who are not on the payroll of the major manufacterers of these vaccines.

Be well and be informed.


mhoNew information about Vaccine Safety – What you NEED to know

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