Is there an alternative to Measles Vaccine?

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Measles Vaccine Shannon Matteson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I’m sure you’ve probably heard all the news about the measles outbreak.  It is a debate that seems to have no middle ground, but perhaps there may be some hope?

Vaccinations are hotly contested and have become controversial whereas once they were as common and normal.  People on one side of the debate are worried that the chemicals in the vaccines are harming children and on the other side they are worried about sick people who have compromised immune systems getting sick with the measles.

If you are a parent that does NOT want to get vaccinated, you may want to figure out another way of protecting your child.

Homeoprophylaxis is one way that is an option to you.

Homeopathy in general is not well understood and most people react to it without seeing it work or learning more about it.  I know I was one of those people.  There have been many doctors like me.

Homeopathy uses energy as its healing modality, which you may think is totally weird, but many things in nature do actually.  More and more movies are coming out represting an inherant and beautiful vibrational living energy inside all organic vital forms of life.  This is what homoepathy taps into.  It’s pretty cool really and it works more importantly.  I truly know how difficult homeopathy is to comprehend, but once you experience what it can do to help heal you, you will be just like me, wishing everyone could experience it.

Energy comes in all forms, even your voice – you cannot see your voice, but it comes through as vibrations in the air that then affect your ear drum that creates a fluid wave in your coclea, that tickles hairs in your ear, that trigger your nerves that conduct electrical impulses to the synaptic cleft that releases neurotransmitters that are chemical messages that relay the information into your brain and translates that as language.  It’s so very complex.  I cannot begin to tell you that I understand how your brain understands waves in the air as language.  But we know it happens.  This is how I think of homeopathy in general.

Many parents are very concerned about the measles and at the same time, the vaccines used to prevent the measles.

The HP program is very good for this.

Measles Homeopathy is also available as a single remedy for the Measles outbreak.  Make a free-15 minute consult if you are interested in knowing more.

You can also educate yourself by reading the book, The Solution.  This is a well-written book that is easy and enjoyable to read.  

You can also look over my FAQ page for the homeoprophylaxis program

adminIs there an alternative to Measles Vaccine?

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  1. ExcelEr

    I never thought that their are other ways to protect you self from measles aside from get vaccinated. Homeoprophylaxis is new for me. Thank got I had read this article. Nice job admin. your article is very informative. Thanks again.

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