Insider Tips on Shopping for a Quality Fish Oil

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Fish Oil – Insider Tips

Cheap vs. Pricey – is there any difference?

This country would be so much healthier if health insurance covered supplements as well as pharmaceuticals.  It blows me away how little the supplement industry is monitored.  Really, the policing of the quality of the products is up to the manufacturers and retailers.

I see fish oil all the time on the shelves – in exactly the WRONG BOTTLE.

Let me give you some tips on choosing the best products, especially fish oil.

1. NEVER buy in a clear bottle.  The fish oil is already rancid.  It is spoiled – oil hates the light and it gets degraded very quickly.  If it is a see through bottle – do not buy it.

2. Find a manufacturer that uses sustainable methods.  Our oceans are suffering, and we must play our parts.  I strive to use only professional fish oil, guaranteed to not have PCBs, mercury, and other dangerous chemicals in the oil.  The scary part about PCB is this chemical never breaks down.

3. Several brands have been guilty of selling fish oil with mercury in the oil.  I don’t know about you, but that scares me!


Quality Fish Oil

4. Make sure it is fish oil.  Some brands mix other oils into the fish oil.

5. They are now working on creating fish oil from plants – another GMO project – so you’ll want to watch for that in the future.

I usually only use fish oils from professional manufacturers.

I put an example of a superior quality fish oil,OmegAvail TG1000.  See that the bottle is opaque first off.  This is a great indication of the care and thought put into the product.  They care to keep it fresh.

I also very much like Nordic Naturals Brand of fish oil.



Tips on how to take Fish Oil


1. Avoid fish burps by taking it with food.  Sometimes I’ll even suggest putting it in the freezer if the fish burps are bad enough.

2. Take with a good quality Vitamin E.

3. Take with a little bit of fat.  I usually take fish oil, CoQ10, and vitamin E all together and with food that has some fat in it, such as an egg.  It improves absorption.

Sincerely yours,
Heather Crider, N.D.

adminInsider Tips on Shopping for a Quality Fish Oil

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