Household Treatments for Dandruff

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Dandruff or medical term Seborrheic Dermatitis is a dry scalp condition that causes itching of the scalp. Dandruff typically looks like dry, fine flaky skin on the scalp. It is commonly known to affect the scalp, but it can be found on any part of the body that grows hair. The condition may worsen during the fall and winter when indoor heating is prevalent and contributes to dry skin, and improve during the summer months.

There are several factors that may contribute to causing dandruff. For instance, increased oil production, oily skin, oily scalp, sweating. Eczema, poor hygiene, weather (hot and humid or cold and dry), stress and not shampooing often enough is just to name a few. Although there is no cure for dandruff there are ways you can try to minimize it.

While dandruff does not create any medical conditions, it could cause embarrassment when spotted on your dark clothing. To try an effectively treating dandruff, you can use over the counter dandruff shampoos containing ketoconazole or selenium sulfide or try natural home remedies.

Here are some remedies that you can try:


Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix ¼ cup apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup water

Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spritz it on to your hair and scalp

Wrap your head in a towel for about 15 minutes to an hour

Remove the towel and wash your hair

This is generally done once to twice a week



Hot Oil Treatment

Heat 2 oz. of olive oil on the stove until it’s just warm

Wet down your hair

Apply the warm oil directly to your scalp with a cotton ball or brush

Wrap your hair in an old towel or shower cap and let the oil treatment work for about 30 minutes

Rinse the hot oil treatment from your hair using either regular or medicated dandruff shampoo



Bay Leaf Rinse

Placing a handful of crushed bay leaves in the bottom of a bowl

Adding a quart of boiling water

Allow the mixture to steep for about 20 minutes

Strain the leaves out of the water

Wait until the rinse is cool

Pour it over your head

Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and let the rinse soak in for about an hour

Shampoo as usual




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Written by Paula Stewart

mhoHousehold Treatments for Dandruff

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