Homeopathy on Dr. Oz!

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Homeopathy is such a great medicine, there is just no keeping it down.  It’s effects can be rather surprisingly great.  I know I’ve been talking about homeopathy on here a lot.  I also know that the concept can be somewhat esoteric in its effects but science is only now discovering how this 200 year old medicine works.

Homeopathy has not caught on to conventional doctors, mostly because many do not understand it.  Nanoparticle technology is now offering an explanation of how homeopathy works.  It uses a series of dilutions and succussions to create the medicine.  Nay sayers touted the medicine was placebo.  You can’t test the remedy in the lab, it is diluted such that there is no more material in the medicine.  However, we know now it works on a much smaller scale that we previously couldn’t measure.

How did we know it wasn’t a placebo?

Animals response beautifully to homeopathy.  It is used in wildlife sanctuaries, dressage horses, and domestic pets.  It also works on infants, children, and causes an initial aggravation.  If it were a placebo response, the patient would simply improve and then decline once the placebo was removed.

I’m so excited that it may become more mainstream.  I feel like people don’t want to be on medications.  There is a social stigma around being reliant on a medication and the side effects can be traumatic.

I’ve included a link to the Dr. Oz show to check out Dr. Samet, an N.D. like me, talk about homeopathy!

mhoHomeopathy on Dr. Oz!

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