Homeopathy has a place in Emotional Trauma

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First of all, homeopathy is one of those scientific arts that is so advanced, we may just now be catching up with it.  For almost 200 years, people have been criticizing homeopathy because they simply do not understand it.  They do not understand how something that is diluted to a point that none of the material is still present can even work.  Homeopathy relies on a system that involves dilution and potentization.  Without potentization, the homeopathic medicine would not work the same.  Something about potentization locks the healing essence into the water.

We have seen crystals in the water and now we have discovered that homeopathy works off of nanotechnology.  Homeopathy discovered nanotechnology long before we even knew what nanotechnology is!

Here is just one little case illustrating the effectiveness of homeopathy:

I had a patient come into to see me after coming down with an acute cold.  She had been feeling run down for awhile, but holding it together.  She woke up in the middle of the night sneezing after watching a documentary on September 11th.  She had been very emotional over watching this.  She held all her emotions in, but it all came out as sneezing at 2 am.

She felt very congested, her right nostril was completely occluded, but the left nostril remained clear.  She had a headache and fatigue, with a scratchy throat.  She never called out of work, but today she did.  She was extremely run down, droopy, and exhausted.  Work had been particularly stressful lately for her and had been feeling more and more tired over the last few weeks, but until the anniversary of 9/11, she was okay.

She was very bubbly, friendly, and smiley despite feeling so run down and ill.  She had even made a joke about not being able to breathe out of one nostril.

Of course, we have to get her feeling better so I went to work at figuring out what homeopathic she needed.  In homeopathy, we often use unique symptoms that help us to solve clues as to why the person got sick and what we can do to make them feel better.

I gave her a cell salt called Kali phos.  The amazing aspect to giving her this remedy, it treats specifically, illness following a catastrophe and has a unique keynote of sneezing at 2 am!  I’ve been doing this for awhile and this was incredible.    

Before she left the office she could breathe through her nostril.  She went back to work the next day and couldn’t even tell she had been sick the day before!

She called just after Sandyhook.  She told me that she started to feel sick again, but used her remedy as I advised her to do and was just fine.  We must remember how much these things affect us emotionally.  Both tragedies shocked the whole nation, not as much as the families who directly lost their loved ones.  It is important to recognize how awful these incidents are and go about trying to heal.  Homeopathy, I believe, is an important aspect to this.

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mhoHomeopathy has a place in Emotional Trauma

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