Homeopathy for Hacking Cough

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I like to call it the “horizontal hack.”  Sounds a little like a bad new dance or something – but no… this is that annoying cough that you may know oh too well.   This is a hacking cough that comes on as soon as you lay down!  This is the best remedy for that annoying tickling cough that just won’t let you rest!  Homeopathy for hacking cough can save the day!

Remember, homeopathy is used very specifically for many types of cough.  This remedy, Drosera, is a specific homeopathic for a hacking cough when laying down.  

Homeopathy is crucial in integrative medicine and natural home cures for cough… which once the cold comes – brings the dreaded cough!  Integrative medicine offers much needed relief for families where it seems doctor visits are a revolving door.  Try some homeopathy, you may find you are pleasantly surprised!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to get you through the cold and flu season!  I have get survival how to guides to avoid taking prescription medications and feel better!

adminHomeopathy for Hacking Cough

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