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If you are planning a trip or if you enjoy doing weekend outdoor adventures, homeopathy can be your best friend while out on the trail.  I love The Savvy Traveler’s Guide which gives you a nice guide to purifying water, traveling light, and how to avoid malaria.  It’s a great book overall.  Homeopathy first aid is something pretty much anybody can do.  It is inexpensive, easy to get, and easy to use!

Here are the remedies I cannot live without.

Sprains and strains

No matter how nimble you may be, sore muscles and strains can get you down.  Homeopathy first aid can help you get home if you are out on a trail.

Arnica is a great overall remedy.  If you have ever hiked a grueling trail, a dose of Arnica 200c at night before you sleep will guarantee you will have a good day the next day.  I love this remedy for sore muscles.

Bryonia is a great remedy for pain in joints or muscles that are worse with movement.

Rhus tox is for strains and sprains that are better from movement and from heat.



I grew up in Arizona and I have experienced heat exhaustion while out on the trial.  It is scary but is manageable if you know what to do.  Homeopathy can be your ally, along with water, shade, and make sure you have your protective sun gear.  You’ll definately want first aid for this!

Peppermint oil on the back of your neck and on your wrists will help cool you down.  Wetting a handkerchief and wrapping your neck and head can help as well.

The best treatment for this is to prevent it.  Make sure you seek shade and drink plenty of water on hot days or from intense sun.  Heatstroke can begin with a headache, dizziness, fatigue, and the pulse may speed up to 180 beats per minute.  Breathing can increase dramatically and the skin will be hot and dry.

Heat exhaustion is less severe than sunstroke, but still needs to be acted on.  Weakness and nausea, with perspiration, anxiety, and fainting are commonly seen.

Belladonna can be successfully used when the face become red and flushed.

Glonoine is for violent, throbbing headache with quick onset.  Feels like the blood is rushing to the head with a bursting, exploding feeling.


Burns and Sunburn

I cannot tell you growing up in Arizona how many sunburns I have suffered through.  This was before sunscreens were perfected in the 1980’s and of course now there is new data suggesting sunscreens may not be as healthy as previously hoped for.  You can check for yourself at Environmental Working Group’s website.

Cantharis is a great remedy for any burn or sunburn.  It will also help relieve the pain.

Calendula cream can also be applied topically and should always be in your first aid kit.


Insect bites and stings

Insects are a fact of life in most places.  Mosquitos, flies, wasps, and bees can bring misery into what should be an otherwise happy outing.  Keep insects at bay with a good insect repellant – I of course prefer the natural variety but you can use what works for you.

Apis is for any sting or bite or skin reaction that has redness, swelling, and burning, stinging pains.  The area is better with cold.

Ledum can help with bites and stings that do not have much swelling.  Tick bites can be warded off by a dose of Ledum.

Carbolic acid – for anaphylactic reactions or collapse after bee or wasp stings, with hives over the body and swelling or the face, tongue, and throat.  Heaven forbid you may need this remedy!  It is a good one to give and then get yourself to emergent care.

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