Herbs that Clean the Body

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You probably maintain a particular hygiene routine.  Mostly likely, you bathe, brush your teeth, and wash your hands after using the restroom.  It seems hard to believe these have been relatively new developments.  Sewer systems alone are probably responsible for millions of lives saved.  Understanding germ therapy has also helped slow the process of spreading disease and helped prevent unnecessary infection and illness.

Hygeine and clean living does not simply stop at eliminating germs.  First, that will never happen.   Fact is the bacteria allow us to live here.  You need bacteria to maintain health and develop your immune system from infanthood.  Second, it is your commensal relationship with bacteria that keeps your immune system strong and protective.

These are examples of clean living.  Cleanliness and hygiene has always been one of the healthy living guidelines of natural medicine.  One of the major principles of natural medicine is “remove the obstacle to cure.”  Now days, simply brushing your teeth is no longer enough to stay “clean.”

Your body is exposed to multiple Echinacea sketch.  Simply eating, drinking, and breathing can introduce harmful chemicals into your body.  Pollution I’m afraid is here to stay.  Many of the chemicals that have been invented have no natural way to be broken down.  They persist in the environment, getting cycled in and out of living organisms.  Water now has many contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, many chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  In many ways it is impossible to escape exposure.

It is not a question of remaining clean.  It is an attempt to avoid chronic disease.  100 years ago the world witnessed epidemics of yellow fever, cholera, and small pox.  Now, these epidemics have shifted from acute to chronic diseases.  Part of this shift has to do with improved hygiene (we are no longer dying from infectious diseases from dirt) but chronic disease from bad food and chemicals.    

A new level of hygiene includes internal cleanliness of the body’s organs.  Even if you eat organic foods and drink filtered water, you can’t avoid all exposures.  Even organic foods have some level of contamination.  I keep a small inventory of herbs at home to use for health.  Particularly helpful herbs are those in a class called alteratives or “blood purifiers.”  These herbs fundamentally correct ‘retrograde metabolism,’ a term coined by the Eclectic physicians.  These herbs promote the removal of cellular waste and toxins.  The best herbs for this act on the stomach, liver, kidneys, skin, blood, and lymph.

When the time comes back around to relying on herbs for health, the difference between herbalists and natural practitioners is how we use the herbs.  Herbs can help you to remove the obstacles to cure to allow the body to heal.  If you are too weak to heal, then healing tonics will be necessary before a cure can be elicited.  All can benefit from this, particularly the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.

Here is a list of herbs that help your body

Baptisia – where dark mucus membranes indicate toxicity due to poor elimination of waste.  Good for the period right before becoming sick or states when the body in enfeebled or deficient, infections, eruptive skin diseases, and increases function of intestines, liver, and glandular system.  It acts as a metabolic stimulant.

Bladderwrack – This is often used for excess adipose tissue and sluggish thyroid.  It is a very good urinary inflammation and uterine tonic.

Burdock – Used for skin and mucus membranes, especially irritable coughs.  It is helpful in urinary irritation and promotes digestion.

Comfrey – is used for inflammation of the stomach and GI tract.

Echinacea – very good for immune deficiency and lymphatic tissues and fluids.  It is a blood poisoning remedy; very good for skin infections including boils and acne, septic conditions, burns, tonsillitis, venomous bits and stings and seasonal upper respiratory infections and allergies.  We learned about the use of Echinacea from the Native Americans.  Can be used long term despite previous false claims.

Oregon Grape – is also known as berberis.  This can and should be used in place of goldenseal which is now endangered.  This is very good for skin disorders, liver and kidney support.

Plantain – is used in inflammatory skin disorders, wounds, and urinary incontinence.

Sarsaparilla – sexual tissues and diuretic.

Stillingia – Upper respiratory tissues that are irritated and dry, membranes glistening red.

Yellow dock – is useful in the urinary system, mucus membranes, and skin.

Currently, basic hygiene practices are mostly for outer appearances.  Herbs can be used for keeping the body hygienic on the inside.  It is not supported by the dominant medical outlook, but those who have discovered the benefits of alterative herbs attest to remarkable improvements.  Many of us know, beauty and cleanliness on the inside reflects to the outside!  Here’s to living clean!

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