Happy New Year

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Well we made it through another year and the last one was supposed to be the end of it all year!  So congratulations!  You made it!


The new year is often a time of making new commitments to yourself; ;lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, travel, or get around to projects that have been on the back-burner.  I think re-commitment is a powerful thing – and then to stick with it!  Whatever it is you have as a goal for yourself, make health a big part of that.  Health is such a fundamental part of happiness.

If you have used natural medicine before you know that sometimes small changes can have big outcomes!  If you are new to natural medicine or are looking for a change or improvement in your life, I believe that natural solutions are the best solutions.

Natural medicine is often much less expensive than Western medicine.  Right now, much of it must be paid out-of-pocket, but hopefully that will change one day.  However, because it is, you get a lot of individual time and attention and treatment is not dictated by someone who is not involved in your care.  Oftentimes, even with out-of-pocket expenses, this form of treatment is still more affordable.

The medicine is gentle on the Earth.  We do not believe in the use of pesticides and get you the most sustainable, clean, and healthy treatment for everyone involved on the globe!  Especially you!

It cuts out companies that are only interested in big profits.  Many of the companies who operate in this business are interested in providing a healthy environment for their employees.  One company example is Xymogen.  They have even gone so far as to provide a private gym for their employees, ensuring that exercise is easy to access.

Most importantly, this medicine is truly about love.  Love yourself!  Happy new year and if you haven’t discovered natural therapies yet – this is the year!  And for the people who have already discovered what I do and who have come in already – thank you!  We appreciate all our patients and clients!  We love you!


mhoHappy New Year

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