Coal is NOT Clean

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There is a new term buzzing about the world right now and it has nothing to do with medicine, but it does have a lot to do with your health!  Clean-coal is a new phrase I have heard quite a lot of in the last few months.  This of course got me interested; coal is the cause of ‘black lung’ so it peaked my interest when I heard about clean coal.

What I found out is there is just no way to make coal clean.  It is black, sooty, and probably fundamentally dirty.  Just because you put the word clean DOES NOT make it actually clean.

Natural medicine is Environmental medicine.  It is so important to have a healthy clean world in order to stay healthy ourselves.  Perhaps there are people who do not get immediately sick, and many do not die immediately.  The effects are much more insidious.  According to Energy Justice Network:

  • Have a 70 percent increased risk for developing kidney disease.
  • Have a 64 percent increased risk for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) such as emphysema.
  • Are 30 percent more likely to report high blood pressure (hypertension).

Perhaps the companies are not being held accountable yet – but I see the effects of chemicals every day.

Natural medicine recognizes the environmental component to health and wellness.  If you have been exposed to dangerous chemicals chances are, you were not completely aware.  Many of the most dangerous chemicals are colorless and odorless.

If you have been exposed – try to get the chemicals out of your body as gently as possible.  Sauna is an important aspect to detox.  Eating chia and flax seeds are also a good way to sequester chemicals in the fiber and mucilage these seeds produce.

Please let us try to help you return you to the health you deserve!  There are things we can do to help such as blood tests and IV therapy to try to reverse the effects of the chemicals.




mhoCoal is NOT Clean

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