Is there an alternative to Measles Vaccine?

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I’m sure you’ve probably heard all the news about the measles outbreak.  It is a debate that seems to have no middle ground, but perhaps there may be some hope? Vaccinations are hotly contested and have become controversial whereas once they were as common and normal.  People on one side of the debate are worried that the chemicals in the vaccines are harming children and on the other side they are worried about sick people who have compromised immune systems … Read More

adminIs there an alternative to Measles Vaccine?

Autism Connection between Aluminum and Glyphosate

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 Is there a connection between Aluminum and Glyphosate and Autism?  New research says yes…   The vaccine debate rages on.  There are strong points on both sides, and whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, it just doesn’t matter.  What’s most important is getting to the bottom of all the information we have so far.  And priorities.    Historically in science, we take 1 factor and look at it individually to see what its effects are.  Then we take the next … Read More

adminAutism Connection between Aluminum and Glyphosate

PFOA and PFOS and Vaccines

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Who thought the word vaccine would become controversial?  I remember being so proud of having my vaccinations as a kid.  It must have been so exciting to be a doctor and be able to offer people something to avoid getting sick.  Just think…  it was the promise of a better life. But what if something has changed in our world?  What if we are being exposed to too many things now?  I think this is a very valid question.  Scientists … Read More

adminPFOA and PFOS and Vaccines

New information about Vaccine Safety – What you NEED to know

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Hello all, As you may know, I participate in a homeoprophylaxis program for at risk children and for families that who are fearful of vaccines.  I used to be a huge supporter of vaccinations and was in fact, rather proud that I had been vaccinated as a younger adult.  This didn’t change for a very long time for me. I personally love science and have spent a long time in research and saw what sometimes must be done in order … Read More

mhoNew information about Vaccine Safety – What you NEED to know