Homeopathy First Aid

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If you are planning a trip or if you enjoy doing weekend outdoor adventures, homeopathy can be your best friend while out on the trail.  I love The Savvy Traveler’s Guide which gives you a nice guide to purifying water, traveling light, and how to avoid malaria.  It’s a great book overall.  Homeopathy first aid is something pretty much anybody can do.  It is inexpensive, easy to get, and easy to use! Here are the remedies I cannot live without. … Read More

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1 Quick Hunger Tip

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If you feel hungry, a creamy beverage makes you feel fuller faster than a thin, watery one.  Chia seeds can definately help in this arena.  Adding chia to a drink will help to sustain you with less calories. Add chia to any drink, especially fresh fruit or vegetable juices to stave off that hunger that hits you in the middle of the afternoon.  

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Bedtime Blood Sugar

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Are you waking up in the middle of the night and don’t know why?  Are you concerned that your sleep is affecting your daily life and daily happiness?  One thing you may not have thought of is dipping nightime blood sugar.  Your body, in response to unstable blood sugar may release cortisol and adrenaline, which will wake you up. First of all, fluctuating blood sugar levels are always a concern to me.  Even hypoglycemia means there is some dysregularity with … Read More

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5 Immune System Boosters

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I have been hearing about a lot of people getting sick lately and it’s important to remember to take care of yourself.  Amid all the extra activities you do on a daily basis, it is easy to forget about yourself. Learn these 5 immune system boosters.   5 Immune System Boosters:   Supplement with the Dynamic Duo You can keep the flu away by supplementing with vitamins D3 and K2.  Know you blood level of vitamin D and bring it … Read More

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Emotional Freedom Technique

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Emotional Freedom Technique This therapy uses acupressure points to clear emotionally traumatizing memories of events.  Certain memories may be hard to clear, may affect coping ability, and can affect a person’s happiness.  Emotional Freedom Technique allows you to work through vivid images without ever having to discuss the actual events.  As long and you have a mental image in mind and name it something that conjures its memory, you don’t have to re-live painful memories. What I really like about … Read More

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A Vaccine Confidential

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A Vaccine Confidential…   Sounds like a T.V. doesn’t it?  Maybe it should be!   You will find a very lengthy PDF that is a confidential GlaxoSmithKline document.  This was obtained through a legal discovery process in Italy where a court ruled that Infanrix Hexa caused autism!    Infanrix Hexa is a vaccine for  polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, pertussis and Haemophilus influenza type B. This discovery process is NOT permitted for vaccine manufacturers in the USA.   This document is … Read More

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