2 Cases of Shingles – Solved.

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Shingles is becoming increasingly more common.  The wild chicken pox virus, the one that causes good ole chicken pox is declining due to the new vaccination against it.  Exposure to chicken pox actually keeps our immunity up against the virus, much like a booster shot.  Now that there is less exposure, our immunological defenses go down.  What this actually causes is an increase in shingles outbreaks, and it is not just for old folks anymore.  More and more teenagers are … Read More

mho2 Cases of Shingles – Solved.


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If you don’t have eczema yourself, chance are you know someone who does.  Eczema has a wide range of severity, for some it is mild and unsightly and for others it causes terrible itching, weeping, pain, and suffering. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition.  Typically we see a family history of atopy (allergy) and is very common.  We see approximately 2.4% of the population suffer from this.  According to the Merck manual, “the cause is unknown.”  … Read More