Is there an alternative to Measles Vaccine?

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I’m sure you’ve probably heard all the news about the measles outbreak.  It is a debate that seems to have no middle ground, but perhaps there may be some hope? Vaccinations are hotly contested and have become controversial whereas once they were as common and normal.  People on one side of the debate are worried that the chemicals in the vaccines are harming children and on the other side they are worried about sick people who have compromised immune systems … Read More

adminIs there an alternative to Measles Vaccine?

3 Tips to Communicate with Your Toddler

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Communicating with your Toddler may seem impossible.  Maybe it isn’t. Long winded speeches to your toddler as to why you shouldn’t do something is not going to get through, nor does sudden, unexplained physical reprimands.  If you are happy one minute and spanking them the next, they will never be able to make the connection as to why they are getting spanked. According to Harvey Karp, MD author of  The Happiest Toddler on the Block: How to Eliminate Tantrums and … Read More

mho3 Tips to Communicate with Your Toddler