4 Top Probiotic Foods

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Fermented foods are some of the best and easiest ways to eat your probiotics.  Fermented foods improve digestion and can actually INCREASE the nutritional value of your foods. Before I tell you my personal favorite fermented foods, did you know that even Captain Cook had barrels of sauerkraut on his ship and even after 27 months at sea, it was still delicious enough to serve to some Portuguese noblemen who had come aboard.  Throughout many temperature changes and constant movements … Read More

admin4 Top Probiotic Foods

Nutrition for Joints

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Nutrition for joints – does it really work? Hey, so you have these painful joints and other than surgery – what can you do? Actually a lot according to some research.  Dr. Welker, MD did a study using amino acids and vitamins and got great results. Degeneration of collagen and cartilage generates pain and immobility.  Over time, pessimism has set in about collagen being able to regenerate, but we are seeing more data showing the cells that create collagen have … Read More

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Astaxanthin Benefits and Dosage

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If you don’t know and love astaxanthin yet, you are about to!  Not only is it fun to say, but it is my new favorite antioxidant.  I will explain Astaxanthin’s dosage and benefits. It comes from the microalgae haematococcus pluvialis and is a carotenoid.  It is reddish in pigment and is what gives crustaceans their pink color.  It is substantially stronger than all other well-researched antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, lipoic acid, and beta carotene. Astaxanthin is a … Read More

adminAstaxanthin Benefits and Dosage

A Quick and Easy Guide to Magnesium

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Have you read an article that tells you how wonderful magnesium is but are unsure as to which magnesium is good for you?  Are they all created equal?  Do they really do different things? First of all, Magnesium rocks!  I use this mineral all the time.  Here is just a brief list of the benefits of magnesium Bone density Cardiac rhythmicity Pulmonary function Blood glucose Nerve conduction Energy Muscle contraction  Why do you need magnesium supplementation? There are a number … Read More

mhoA Quick and Easy Guide to Magnesium

3 Keys to Heart Health

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hope you are having a good summer and enjoying yourself!  I am going to give you 3 keys to heart health, but happiness, relaxation, and feeling at peace are more important than anything you can take orally. So get outside!  Go to the beach, garden, and do what you love – as much as you possibly can.  Love is like a shield for your heart.  Practice feeling love.  Let it spread through you like warm sunshine. No medicine will protect … Read More

mho3 Keys to Heart Health

Which form of Selenium Should I Take?

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The world of supplements can be overwhelming to say the least.  It used to be one form of most vitamins, but through science we have learned so much in the way of chelating minerals to make them more absorbable. Let me discuss just 1 mineral: Selenium. Sometimes, different forms of a mineral have different functions.  For selenium, the inorganic forms are more useful in fighting cancer than the organic selenomethionine form.  Selenomethionine is more effective at increasing tissue levels of … Read More

mhoWhich form of Selenium Should I Take?