3 Simple Treatments for Insomnia

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Chances are you have probably experienced some episode of anxiety or insomnia.  It is very common to get the jitters before a speaking event, performance, or even going to the doctor.  A sleepless night can also precede any such event.  Here and there, this is very common.  When you start to experience this agitation frequently is when we start to seek alleviation. Insomnia and anxiety are frequently linked.  Often, once you get a good night sleep, the anxiety can calm … Read More

mho3 Simple Treatments for Insomnia

Words Reflect Fear More than Ever

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Have you ever wondered how we modern day Americans compare to those of different generations?  Are we actually happier?  If you were to ask your grandfather, most likely he walked to school in the snow, uphill.  He had to struggle and toil to make it through.  It sounded tough right?  We have it so easy now.  Then why aren’t we reaping the health benefits of a higher emotional happiness? Actually, there is an amazing story that MPR put out on … Read More

mhoWords Reflect Fear More than Ever

4 Little Known Uses for Garlic

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Garlic, has been used for ages for its healing and medicinal properties by many ancient cultures including Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. As one of the oldest known Naturopathic remedies, most people only know garlic’s common uses such as stimulating the immune system, lowering cholesterol, its great in chili(!), and keeping away mosquitoes.  But what about some of the less known uses?  Here’s a summary of four you might have not heard about.   Antibiotic:  You already knew that right?  … Read More

mho4 Little Known Uses for Garlic


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If you don’t have eczema yourself, chance are you know someone who does.  Eczema has a wide range of severity, for some it is mild and unsightly and for others it causes terrible itching, weeping, pain, and suffering. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition.  Typically we see a family history of atopy (allergy) and is very common.  We see approximately 2.4% of the population suffer from this.  According to the Merck manual, “the cause is unknown.”  … Read More


Benefits to Natural Medicine

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When was the last time you talked to someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve?  Heather Crider, ND  takes a natural approach to health and a much more individualized approach to your health. As a patient, it is important to have a safe and supportive environment to allow healing.  You work with your practitioner to feel better, make healthier choices, and feel empowered in your health and lifestyle choices.  By working together, we can discover the … Read More

mhoBenefits to Natural Medicine