Yaz, Yasmin, and Gardasil Warning labels

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This article is devoted to young women.  It has been my concern for several years the many adverse effects of the medications sold to women can cause permanent harm.  I hope this is helpful in protecting our beautiful young ladies who need all the help they can get in navigating this crazy world.  Gardasil is one of the most high profile vaccinations.  It was originally developed to prevent cervical cancer caused by the virus called HPV, human papillomavirus.  The vaccine … Read More

mhoYaz, Yasmin, and Gardasil Warning labels

Warning labels to drugs

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One reason I got into natural medicine was my fear of side effects and safety hazards of medications.  I, myself was very sensitive to many of the antibiotics they gave to me as a child.  This made me grow wary of medications by the time I was a teenager.  This is part of my motivation to share with you some of the recent lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies.  If you are interested in reading a fantastic journal on law, and a … Read More

mhoWarning labels to drugs