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Are you worried about the dangers of vaccination but don’t want to put your children in harm’s way?  I agree that the stories and research that has recently come into the media is scary! Over the years, the recommendations for vaccines have been increasing. 1950’s vaccines recommended (5 doses of disease) 2013 – during first year (36 doses of 14 diseases, in the USA) – From birth – 18 years old (69 doses 16 diseases) That is a lot of … Read More

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Vaccines and Homeopathy

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Are you one of the thousands of people looking for alternatives to vaccines?  Homeoprophylaxis may be an option for you. This is not necessarily a replacement for vaccines, but homeopathy can help to educate your child’s immune system.  It works with the body on a latent and humoral level of immunity.  Humoral immunity means antibody protection and latent immunity uses a T cell response.  This is much more inclusive for the immune system function. This book The Solution by Kate … Read More

mhoVaccines and Homeopathy

Homeopathy has a place in Emotional Trauma

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First of all, homeopathy is one of those scientific arts that is so advanced, we may just now be catching up with it.  For almost 200 years, people have been criticizing homeopathy because they simply do not understand it.  They do not understand how something that is diluted to a point that none of the material is still present can even work.  Homeopathy relies on a system that involves dilution and potentization.  Without potentization, the homeopathic medicine would not work … Read More

mhoHomeopathy has a place in Emotional Trauma

Homeopathy on Dr. Oz!

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Homeopathy is such a great medicine, there is just no keeping it down.  It’s effects can be rather surprisingly great.  I know I’ve been talking about homeopathy on here a lot.  I also know that the concept can be somewhat esoteric in its effects but science is only now discovering how this 200 year old medicine works. Homeopathy has not caught on to conventional doctors, mostly because many do not understand it.  Nanoparticle technology is now offering an explanation of … Read More

mhoHomeopathy on Dr. Oz!

5 Must Have Remedies!

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Going to your natural practitioner is always helpful, but sometimes you have an emergency.  These are 5 top homeopathic remedies that will help in your medicine cabinet! Arnica – This is the #1 accident remedy for bruises, bumps, and bleeding.  Take immediately after injury or surgery.  You will be amazed at how quickly Aconite – The “fright remedy” relieves states of shock and panic.  It is used for colds or flu that come on suddenly after exposure to cold wind. … Read More

mho5 Must Have Remedies!

A Holistic View of the Flu

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The flu has hit and it is here, like it or not.  Is it really just about the flu or is this a reflection about us? Holistically speaking, I’m not surprised that we are all sick.  It was a really rough end of the year in 2012.  The election cycle was extreme; regardless of opinion, it seems that the country is becoming increasingly polarized.  Differences of opinion are affecting families, friendships, and even working relationships.    Thank goodness that’s over now!  … Read More

mhoA Holistic View of the Flu