5 Secrets for a Happy Baby

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Follow the 5 S’s for Happier Babies If you are a new parent or expecting, this can be both a very exciting period and nerve wracking.  You aren’t sure about little things.  Perhaps you have a crying baby that you just don’t know how to calm down.  By using these little tips, presented originally by Harvey Karp, MD, I think you will experience more joy and less worry as a new parent. Try to follow these 5 s’s: swaddling, strong … Read More

mho5 Secrets for a Happy Baby

4 Little Known Uses for Garlic

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Garlic, has been used for ages for its healing and medicinal properties by many ancient cultures including Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. As one of the oldest known Naturopathic remedies, most people only know garlic’s common uses such as stimulating the immune system, lowering cholesterol, its great in chili(!), and keeping away mosquitoes.  But what about some of the less known uses?  Here’s a summary of four you might have not heard about.   Antibiotic:  You already knew that right?  … Read More

mho4 Little Known Uses for Garlic