Heard of BulletProof Coffee?

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Naturopathic physicians are notoriously bad about marketing all their great ideas.  I’m telling you – the amount of information we learn and practice on a daily basis seems like a normal thing but then you hear about someone capitalizing on something I heard about 5 years ago! Bulletproof coffee… is it real? In a brief note, yes, and it has been practiced for a long time!  Science changes its mind from time to time.  It is just how it is. … Read More

mhoHeard of BulletProof Coffee?

Travel and Stay Fit with Exercise

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I don’t know about you, but when I start to miss days of exercise I can really start to feel it in my muscles.  Exercise releases endorphins, keeps you strong, gives you energy, and healthy muscles keep joints safe.  Depending on the type of travel, whether it be for business or for pleasure depends on how I manage to keep moving. Pleasure travel I love to walk around and sightsee.  I try to do as much walking as possible and … Read More

mhoTravel and Stay Fit with Exercise