Daily Smoothie for Energy and Focus!

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First of all, let me just say – I love my Ninja.  I’ve been working on a smoothie recipes book and have been practicing all sorts of combinations!  Some yummy, some – less so, but here is the cool part – You can build your smoothie directly in a glass.  Gone are the days of having to wash 2 separate things – the blender and your glass.  Now, all you have to wash is your glass.  Saves water and time! … Read More

mhoDaily Smoothie for Energy and Focus!

Save your Brain!

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I’ve just read a great new book by one of my favorite neurologists!  He speaks sense and I think you’ll find it is right along how natural medicine and integrative medicine practices! Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers   Click on the above link to get your copy.  Protect your brain!  

mhoSave your Brain!

1 Tip for Weight Loss in the New Year

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It’s another new year!  OMG!  Can you believe it.  I’m sure there may be some of you who have made some resolutions for this new year.  One very common one is to eat better and lose weight. Here is one tip that will help you to do both! Chia seeds. But how can such a small little things pack such a big punch? Chia are actually anciet.  Native American tribes such as the Chumash used this seed to store water … Read More

mho1 Tip for Weight Loss in the New Year

One More Reason to Love Ginger

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Ginger supplementation improves insulin sensitivity and some lipid levels in type 2 diabetes.  In people who have insulin resistance, higher levels of insulin are needed to get sugar to enter into the cells.  Metabolic syndrome is the condition where the body is trending towards diabetes; elevated insulin, lipid levels, and blood pressure. Investigators assigned 64 subjects to take 2 grams of ginger or a placebo on a daily basis for 2 months.  At the end of the trial, those who … Read More

mhoOne More Reason to Love Ginger