You Vs. Chemicals

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I am always thinking, how can I do it like mother nature intended?  My goal is to be as harmonious as possible with what your body needs to be as healthy as possible. I have a lot of people who ask what is so important about Detox.  Do I have to do it?  I don’t want to starve or eat things that taste horrible.  I don’t blame you!  At all. Unfortunately, the way things are, the question really isn’t IF … Read More

mhoYou Vs. Chemicals

Herbs that Clean the Body

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You probably maintain a particular hygiene routine.  Mostly likely, you bathe, brush your teeth, and wash your hands after using the restroom.  It seems hard to believe these have been relatively new developments.  Sewer systems alone are probably responsible for millions of lives saved.  Understanding germ therapy has also helped slow the process of spreading disease and helped prevent unnecessary infection and illness. Hygeine and clean living does not simply stop at eliminating germs.  First, that will never happen.   Fact … Read More

mhoHerbs that Clean the Body

What are PCBs and what can they do to me?

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Sometimes in natural medicine, it isn’t just about what we give that helps but it is about what we take away.  Environmental medicine is becoming more and more of a concern for those who are in the know.  In fact, it is a little scary.  It gets a little confusing when helpful things are under attack but insidious, harmful things seem to skate by under the radar.  I’m going to attempt to bring some of these darker aspects of modern … Read More

mhoWhat are PCBs and what can they do to me?

Coal is NOT Clean

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There is a new term buzzing about the world right now and it has nothing to do with medicine, but it does have a lot to do with your health!  Clean-coal is a new phrase I have heard quite a lot of in the last few months.  This of course got me interested; coal is the cause of ‘black lung’ so it peaked my interest when I heard about clean coal. What I found out is there is just no … Read More

mhoCoal is NOT Clean

Are Heavy Metals Making me Sick?

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Diet and exercise is the answer to all right?  That is definitely a big part of the picture.  But what if those vegetables were grown with polluted water and breathed in unclean air?  How good are those foods?  This is a big part of the sustainability argument.  But beyond that – what are the health effects of pollution? This article is going to look at heavy metals.  Metals can be found in the food you eat, things you wear, the … Read More

mhoAre Heavy Metals Making me Sick?