Avoid Tubes in the Ears

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Avoid tubes in the ears

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Does your child have chronic ear infections?  Has he/she been on antibiotics many, many times and are now scheduled to have tubes inserted into her/his ears?  Would you like to avoid tubes in the ears?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this story…  it is a revolving door at the pediatricians and now they are discussing surgery.  This can be a real-life nightmare and scary!  I can tell you – there are actual alternatives and you do not have to go through the surgery.

I will share just 2 stories that I feel represent this situation the best:

The mother called the day before surgery was scheduled and was in a bit of a panic.  She got my number from a friend and called.  She wanted to avoid surgery at all costs, so she made an appointment to come in.  I took my usual case, asking a lot of questions about the nature of the ear infections, how well she slept, her energy, her stool, and many other things that are pertinant to a person’s overall wellbeing.  I gave her a homeopathic for ear infections.

I saw her back in 2 weeks and while the ear inflammation had gone down, her nasal congestion was just as bad as it had been.  I changed her homeopathic remedy to a different one.  This one was the one that solved the case.  Her nasal congestion went away and her ears didn’t bother her again.  

I also gave EPA/DHA, licorice glycerite, and a multivitamin.  I only had to see her back 1 year later for a re-dose of her remedy.  We managed to avoid surgery and improve her overall health!  She is doing fantastic and is no longer in and out of the pediatrician’s office.  It did take 2 tries to get it right, but we did it!


Another mom called me – she brought in a spread sheet of all the visits, medications, and drugs her son had been to and been on.  It was 1 1/2 pages long.  He was scheduled to have tubes put in when she called me.  He was also diagnosed with ezcema, asthma, and allergies.  This was when she realized her son had been on steroids 9 times, 18 rounds of antibiotics, and was on flovent, albuterol, tamiflu, motrin, flonase, and singulair.  She said she was shocked.  I did my usual intake where I asked a lot of questions, spent time with them as a family and observed her son.  He was quite adorable.  I gave him the homeopathic phosphorus 30c for his symptoms.  

I literally just finished my second appointment with him and I am so happy.  His  wheezing has completely disappeared.  They just had an appointment today with the allergist, who said whatever you are doing… keep doing it.  His ears are clear and his lungs are clear.  

I also had them start HistDAO by Xymogen, DHA/EPA, and glutamine powder.  


Integrative medicine may have the answers you are looking for.  I have many more stories like this! 

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