In-Person Naturopathic Appointment

What to expect for your naturopathic appointment:

Initial Consultation – 90 minutes

Receive an in-depth intake involving physical, mental, and emotional conditions. On your first visit, you will receive 1 ½ hours to describe your symptoms and conditions.

Upon completion of your consultation, Heather will spend time putting together your personalized treatment plan which is designed to be reviewed by your primary care physician.

Follow-up appointments – 45 minutes

During follow-up appointments, Heather will inquire about how the treatment plan  is going, and address all questions or concerns regarding the plan. At this time, labs will also be reviewed and additional recommendations may be made.

Follow-up appointments are vital to your health and recommended for complete, effective treatment.  Depending on your body’s response, there are times in which the remedy and therapy may have to be tweaked – however this can only be determined during the follow-up appointment process.

In-Office Appointments are provided for: 

  • Children
  • Anyone with breathing difficulties
  • Skin rashes
  • Physical complaints

Natural therapies and homeopathic healing is a time-honored way of helping the body to recover. This is a commitment to health. The goals of treatment are to help you feel better now, but also to ensure you remain well for many years to come. If you already have an acupuncturist or naturopath, we can safely and easily work with their treatment plans, and can focus  solely focus on finding your constitutional remedy.

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