Meet Heather Crider
Specializing in Natural Integrative Medicine and Wellness

Heather Crider, Natural and Integrative medicine

Heather Crider, Natural and Integrative Medicine consultant

Integtative medicine has always been a calling for me, even before I knew what I wanted to do in my life.

Hi, I’m Heather Crider.  There is a lot I can tell you about my passion for health, biology, and really all things naturopathic, but the most important thing is, I love integrative medicine and I love helping people get back to feeling good and living a full life.  I get to offer something different than drugs.  I get to offer health!  Health cannot be achieved with drugs.

I work with men, women, children, and older adults who would like to avoid taking pharmaceuticals or who have tried everything but it hasn’t helped.  For myself, I find a deep level of hope for people with this approach.  I put my heart and soul into figuring out how I can help a person.  I know how it feels when it seems nobody has answers or solutions.  It can be deeply frustrating, especially in such a technologically advanced society.  How is it that despite all the technology, people feel worse than ever.

For me, you are not a number.  You are a mom, dad, sister, brother, grandparent, and friend!  It is important for me that I do my very best for you.  You have a life to lead and feeling bad shouldn’t have to factor into it!  Plus, I have a mom, dad, and brother, and would want to know they were being taken care of with love!

There is a personal satisfaction to my work as well.  I have to admit, I love to win!  I like being the person who figures it out.  Metaphorically put – the person who cracks the case!  I am driven by success – what that means for you – is that I am only successful when you feel better!

I was interested in biology and had a bit of a knack for it. I was drawn to the sciences at the University of Arizona and pursued Molecular and Cellular Biology, which surprisingly was a lot of fun. I loved learning all the protein names involved in DNA replication; I had entire movies of cell functions stored in my memory that I could pull up and play in my head at any time.

It is a real honor to be able to listen to people’s stories, to guide them to a better place and to work as a detective and to get to the bottom of their symptoms. Natural and integrative medicine gives a broad base from which to work and the tools that I strongly believe will only help and not hurt. As a person who has repeatedly reacted to medications in my youth, this is an important part of my process.


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