A Holistic View of the Flu

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The flu has hit and it is here, like it or not.  Is it really just about the flu or is this a reflection about us?

Holistically speaking, I’m not surprised that we are all sick.  It was a really rough end of the year in 2012.  The election cycle was extreme; regardless of opinion, it seems that the country is becoming increasingly polarized.  Differences of opinion are affecting families, friendships, and even working relationships.    Thank goodness that’s over now!  We hadn’t even had time to recover and recoup from the anxiety and emotional heatedness of that moment in time when we went directly into the holiday season.  Then, Sandy Hook elementary school happened.  I couldn’t help myself from crying.  I didn’t know anybody there, but just thinking of what the children, the teachers, and the parents of both the living children and deceased, it was overwhelming.

Now, we’re sick.  Is it any wonder why?

I know that it is hard to accept that something traumatic that happened somewhere else can affect us emotionally, states away.  But it does!

I have one fantastic anecdote about this phenomenon.  I had a lady come in a on September 13th, 2012.  She came in suffering from a pretty basic run of the sniffles.  One nostril was completely stopped up and the other she could breathe through.  She felt run-down and tired.  Work had been especially busy and she was working long, strenuous hours.

The most interesting fact was that she had watched a 9/11 documentary and awoke later that night sneezing.  She called out that morning and came to see me the next day when she wasn’t seeing any improvement in her condition.

I treated her with a small dose of homeopathy and some immune supporting supplements.  We used Vir-x from Biotics and a multivitamin from Xymogen.  After taking the homeopathic, she could breath through both nostrils before she left the office!  Amazing.

She called me right after Sandy Hook, with the same condition.  I told her to repeat her remedy, which she did gladly, and missed no days of work this time.

I don’t mention the name of the homeopathic here because homeopathy is such a unique system of medicine.  It is individually tailored to your unique person and symptoms.  If you take a remedy that worked for one person it may not work for you at all.  Some people expect it to work just like a drug and treat everyone the same way.  We have a system of medicine that works that way – over the counter drugs, aspirin, etc.  Homeopathy is different, is just doesn’t work that way.

If you are feeling like you have the flu, like you are run down, tired, and sick, it’s okay.  After all this trauma in the past few months, are you surprised?  Be kind to yourself.  Rest, rest, rest is an invaluable key to healing.  Even with homeopathy, we get the best results if you take the remedy and fall asleep.

Drink herbal teas.  Plants are our friends.  We have evolved together.  We tend to them, they make us well.  Also, the Huffington Post put out a nice list that reviews some basic healthful things we can do to either heal or prevent the flu.


Consider coming in and trying out natural therapies.  We are not just interested in making symptoms simply go away, but to really make you feel better.  Health is your very best investment!

mhoA Holistic View of the Flu

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