7 Fun Foods to Add to Your Diet

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  1. 4234476Forbidden rice

There are many varieties of rice so if you have only eaten rice, you should venture out and eat some black rice!  It is a great source of fiber, has B vitamins, and it packed with antioxidants called anthocyanins found in other darkly colored foods such as blueberries and acai berries!  Historically this rice was rare and reserved for royalty, emperors, and deities.  Take advantage of this delicious dish!

Hemp seed

This is a small seed packed with Omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 fatty acids are supportive to cognition, help the body fight inflammation, and provides fiber to support the GI tract.  They are easy to add into your diet: throw into a smoothie, toss into your yogurt or oatmeal, or add into salad.

Steel cut oats

Many people do not eat old fashioned oats anymore, mostly because of a time factor.  I find if you make a thing of oats ahead of time and reheat – this works great.  Instant oats lose their fiber.  It is the fiber that makes them cook slower.  Combine with blueberries, cherries, cranberries, blackberries, or raspberries.  I reheat mine on the stove with a little coconut milk, coconut oil, and berries.  It takes 5 minutes instead of 30 and tastes great.

Chia seeds

I love chia seeds!  I add them to my smoothies when I’m not eating oatmeal.  They are full of fiber and easy to use.  I toss them in and blend and feel full all day!  For such a small seed they offer a powerful punch of omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants.  What’s best, they’re easy to add to food.

Nutritional yeast

This a buttery tasting addition to salads, dressings, sandwiches, soups, or my favorite – homemade popcorn!  It offers the nutritional benefit of B12.


If you aren’t already a fan, adding a wedge of lemon to your water serves many benefits to the body.  It helps lose weight, alkalinize the body, and with every squeeze you get a little vitamin C as well.  Water is essential to a healthy body.  Adding lemon to the water is upping the benefit.


You may be thinking, this food is not new at all, it has been around for hundreds of years!  That’s true!  The health benefits of eating fermented foods cannot be understated.  In fact, I left the BEST FOR LAST!  Natural fermentation can increase the health benefits of many foods.  It actually produces probiotics and B vitamins.  Sauerkraut is just one of the many fermented foods that are good for you.  Make sure you purchase those fermented vegetables that have been made only with whey and/or sea salt.  It is a wonderful and I will dare to say necessary addition to your diet!

mho7 Fun Foods to Add to Your Diet

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