6 Ways to Manage and Improve Your Emotional Health

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Modern life, with all its “convenience” has left us even more tired, frustrated and emotionally sick than our parents who had less technological conveniences to make their lives “easier”. 

Between family, jobs, spouses, exes, and all the other pressures of modern life, we often don’t pay attention to our mental/ emotional health.

The reason being is we often don’t consider this a domain of “health”.  We think of health as absence of disease, which is not very accurate. Just because we go to work, have friends and don’t cry or have mental breakdowns four times a week doesn’t mean we are emotionally healthy.

Unbalance can sometimes take years before it develops into physical ailments and it’s important to keep a running evaluation of it (emotional Health).  Just as we exam our bodies for any new growths or lumps we should always be examining our mental and emotional domains in order to maintain overall good health.

Why is emotional health so important?  When we are stressed, upset, or angry our bodies go into the flight of fight mode which dumps large amounts of cortisol into our blood stream.

New research suggests that continuous cortisol dumping into our blood stream not only affects our weight, but our heart health and overall health of our bodily systems.

Cortisol causes an inflammatory response in our bodies and inflammation is a breeding ground for everything from joint damage and vascular damage to making us vulnerable to infectious diseases and cancers.

The following six tips will help you cope with daily pressures and facilitate your journey to optimal emotional health.

    1. Exercise.

      What? I thought exercise was only for physical health.  You’re right!!!! Physical health is interconnected with emotional health.  Working out and exercising increasing pleasure chemicals in the brain and makes us naturally feel good about ourselves.  Also nothing makes you forget about your annoying boss than a one hour Krav Maga class.  And don’t think you need a gym member ship or fancy weight sets.  A 30 minute walk a day can be amazingly helpful.

    2. Keep a journal:

      Keeping a daily journal of how you feel and how people and events in your life affect you can open your eyes to a world of information about yourself.  You may start to see patterns in your moods that may point to diet or external factors.  It also helps you develop a resource for dealing with everyday stress. You can learn how to change your reactions to certain stimuli and begin taking control of your emotional well-being.

    3. See a therapist:

      An evaluation by a therapist can help tremendously in putting you on the right track to positive emotional well-being.  I personally really like EMDR.  You can read more about it at  http://www.emdr.com.

    4. Dump technology:


Attachment to technology is showing signs that it may cause depression. At best it does cause a disconnection.  Even though we are more connected. Nothing replaces the sound of a friend’s voice or the touch of a loved one’s hand.  Reconnect with people in person and reconnect with nature.  Allocate some time for your brain to do its own reboot.


  1. Avoid Toxic People:

    You know who they are the Debbie downers, the people who tell you that you can’t do something.  The negative people who just hate their lives and want to pull everyone into their misery.

    Many people like me feel bad and just want to reach out and help, because many times these people are family and loved ones.  Unfortunately, unless they are trying to improve their lives, being dragged into their drama is just going to being you down.

  2. Stop Procrastinating:

    We know.  You don’t procrastinate. But most people have a few things on their to-do list that are probably eating away at them every day.  This guilt and fear that comes with putting off things weighs heavily and affects our emotional health.  Get to it! Today!!

    Make a list and tackle it.  That seems to work for me.


Reaching and maintaining overall health is sometimes a holy grail that seems unachievable.  But taking small positive steps to achieving it will bring you that much closer to balance and that much closer to overall well being.

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mho6 Ways to Manage and Improve Your Emotional Health

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