5 things you need to know about your thyroid

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  1. thyroidYou can be thin and have hypothyroid

The thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck.  The trigger to release thyroid comes from the pituitary.  Hypothyroidism can be due to many reasons.  Thyroid hormones affect your basal metabolism and body temperature.  Many people can be have fatigue and feel chilly but haven’t but on weight.  It is important to not rule out thyroid disorder if you are tired.

2. You may not be receiving the right medication

Thyroid has an inactive form, termed T4 and an active form T3.  Synthroid is a prescription that is only T4.  Selenium is fundamental to converting T4 to T3.  If you are being given a prescription for T4 only and still do not feel better, you may not be able to convert your prescription medication to the active form your body needs.

3. You may be converting T4 to an inactive form of T3

This inactive form of T3 is also called reverse T3.  This form of T3 was discovered in patients in the ICU.  When the body is under stress or any kind of inflammation the body lowers the metabolism in an effort to protect itself.  You may be taking your thyroid every day, taking selenium, but your thyroid hormone is being converted to an inactive form.

4. Nutrient deficiencies can contribute to hypothyroidism

Sounds impossible to be true with all the food we are surrounded by, but most of it is deficient or devoid of nutrition.  The thyroid requires micronutrients and minerals to function properly.  These are found in whole foods and colorful foods.  A good thyroid support using herbs and vitamins is always a good idea.

5. Toxicity can cause deficiency in thyroid hormone

Radiation and heavy metals unfortunately are highly detrimental to the thyroid.  A good heavy metal chelation routine or supplement if you test positive for heavy metals can be helpful.  These can also cause inflammation, which shunts the T3 to reverse T3.

Get your thyroid labs drawn:

  • TSH, total and free T4 and T3, TPO and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies, reverse T3
  • Iodine challenge test
mho5 things you need to know about your thyroid

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