5 Secrets for a Happy Baby

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Happy babyFollow the 5 S’s for Happier Babies

If you are a new parent or expecting, this can be both a very exciting period and nerve wracking.  You aren’t sure about little things.  Perhaps you have a crying baby that you just don’t know how to calm down.  By using these little tips, presented originally by Harvey Karp, MD, I think you will experience more joy and less worry as a new parent.

Try to follow these 5 s’s: swaddling, strong shushing, side stomach position, swinging, and sucking.  These 5 things actually recreate the experience babies have while in the womb.

Swaddle the arms to the baby’s side by wrapping a big, light blanket around.  Leave the bottom loose to allow their feet to move around.  Being that we live in Florida, make sure your child is cool and not overheating or sweating.

Shhhhhusssssh!  This sound mimics sounds your little one experiences in the womb.  White noise in the background is very calming and soothing.  Remember those old TV’s with the shush that flicked on after the program of the evening discontinued?  There is no lack of programming now days!  You can play around with the type and volume of the background noise that he/she prefers.

Rocking your baby is also helpful.  If your baby is fussy – fast jiggly movements calm him/her faster.  Think about your baby being a little plate of Jell-O jiggling around.

If your baby is very fussy – try wrapping her/him into a towel that has been soaked in warm mint tea and then wrung out thoroughly.  The aromatherapy of the natural tea will calm them easily and quickly.

Let your baby lay on its side stomach.  Lying on the back is unusual for a newborn and long hours of lying on the back can cause the head to become malformed.  Remember, your baby is soft and malleable – their bones have to grow larger – so they are very soft in the beginning.

Let your baby have plenty of outside time.  Babies love the outdoors – make sure they get to expereince it!


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mho5 Secrets for a Happy Baby

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