4 Little Known Uses for Garlic

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Garlic, has been used for ages for its healing and medicinal properties by many ancient cultures including Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans. As one of the oldest known Naturopathic remedies, most people only know garlic’s common uses such as stimulating the immune system, lowering cholesterol, its great in chili(!), and keeping away mosquitoes.  But what about some of the less known uses?  Here’s a summary of four you might have not heard about.


Antibiotic:  You already knew that right?  But did you know that in a blind study researchers found garlic as a general antibiotic.  It is actually as effective as prescribed antibiotics.  Garlic has no side effects (outside of stinky breath) and bacteria shows no signs of resistance mutations to garlic.  This keeps garlic as an effective antibiotic over time without concern for bacterial resistance.  Mother nature knows best.

Pesticide:  A good vampire repellent yes, but common garden pests as well?  It’s been found that spraying a solvent mixture of water and garlic helps keep your garden clear of pests.  It’s recognized as a preventative tool in keeping pests out of your garden.

Ear Aches: A simple olive oil infused with garlic has a wonderful healing property for painful ears.  Drop a few warmed drops into the ear and experience the relief.

Anti-Cancer: Several studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute have correlated a connection between intake of garlic and the decreased prevalence  certain digestive cancers including colon, stomach, pancreas and cancer or the esophagus.

Nature has seemed to bless us with plants that seem to carry endless amounts of benefits and uses and Garlic seems to gain ground as a versatile plant each day.  For more uses of garlic and its history and properties. Visit garlic on Wikipedia.

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mho4 Little Known Uses for Garlic

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