3 Foods to Help Increase your Chances at Surviving Breast Cancer

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Busty Broccoli



Broccoli, cabbage, and turnips may not just be good for you, they may actually save your life.  Vanderbilt University found after monitoring 4,886 breast cancer survivors that those who ate more cruciferous vegetables the first 3 years after receiving their diagnosis had a higher survival rate!  These vegetables have prevention built right in.  In fact, these vegetables have glucosinolates that actually inhibit cancer.  They also have fiber, vitamin C, and folic acid, but as you see, it is much richer in nutrients than we even knew!   We always knew eating your vegetables is important, but they are so much more nutritious than simply adding back a few missing vitamins, they’re very cellular make up protects us!

While you’re at it – why don’t you take advantage of actually eating some pumpkin this fall?  We recommend to eat the rainbow and orange colored vegetables have huge amounts of beta carotene and vitamin C in them!  Try to cut it in chunks and sauté it or use it as a fat substitute in cooking.  Gives a wonderful creamy texture to food as well as packing a nutritious punch to keep you out of the hospital!  This is what I call insurance!
And one more tasty little morsel of good news.  Download the app called iEatOut that allows allergy conscious diners to explore new restaurants without feared allergy mishaps.


Happy eating and living!

mho3 Foods to Help Increase your Chances at Surviving Breast Cancer

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