2 Cases of Shingles – Solved.

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Shingles is becoming increasingly more common.  The wild chicken pox virus, the one that causes good ole chicken pox is declining due to the new vaccination against it.  Exposure to chicken pox actually keeps our immunity up against the virus, much like a booster shot.  Now that there is less exposure, our immunological defenses go down.  What this actually causes is an increase in shingles outbreaks, and it is not just for old folks anymore.  More and more teenagers are getting shingles instead of chicken pox.

For those of you who have had shingles you’ll know that it can be extremely painful, can leave you with post-herpetic neuralgia, and can potentionally scar you as well.  Shingles can be much worse than chicken pox and much more painful.  Often, you get shingles after either a sickness or a stress.  The stress can really be anything; moving, death of a loved one, chronic stress from work, financial, or illness.

I’ve seen 2 cases of shingles; many people don’t think of alternative medicine for treatment of shingles.

The first case that really impressed me towards homeopathy was a man in his forties who came down with a particularly painful bout of shingles.  The shingles came out  on the left side of his rib cage.  The pain was so severe that he dreaded moving, even a muscle.  He admitted that he desired to stay as still as humanly possible, he even started breathing shallow in order to keep his chest wall still.   Answering questions was painful, listening to other people speak was painful, and riding in a vehicle was nearly impossible.  He and his wife had been under quite a lot of financial stress, probably the cause of the shingles, and missing any work was at that time for them, out of the question.

He had received Valtrex and Prednisone, and had been taking them for several days, but his pain was still 10/10.  He then mentioned that he gets relief when he lays on the side of his shingles.  For as painful as they were, this was very unusual.  I gave him a dose of Bryonia 30c homeopathic.  He had instant relief in the office.  He stated his pain went from a 10 to a 4 almost immediately.  He had small flares of pain after he left, all coming back at about 4/10 in severity.  We gave him some of the Bryonia to take with him and he took it only when the pain came back.  He only needed to take the homeopathic for 3 days and had discontinued taking the other drugs.  He was able to go back to work the next day after taking the homeopathic and continued to do great!

The second case was a man in his 60’s who had multiple other ailments.  He had diabetes and COPD in addition to the shingles with which he came in.  His shingles erupted 2 weeks prior to his visit and was treated with Valtrex and Prednisone.  His right eye was swollen shut, very red, and he described the pain as burning.  I gave him an ice pack to place over his eye while he was in the visit, which greatly relieved his pain.  I was of course very concerned about his eye and the pressure the swelling was putting on his optic nerve.  His eye was so swollen he couldn’t see out of it.  I gave him Sulphur 12c in office.  His eye had become visibly less swollen and he could open his eye just enough to peak through.  He stated his pain had diminished 95% in office!  I see amazing things with natural therapies all the time, but this was something!  We gave him the homeopathic to take only when he experienced pain.

On the follow up visit, he stated he gets the pain only mildly, like a tingle, and only occasionally.  He stated that taking the homeopathic Sulphur makes the pain go away immediately.  He had no scarring on his face.  He also stated that in addition to the shingles going away, that he had improved sense of well-being and energy.  In fact, he was getting frustrated at his COPD; he felt so great that his only complaint was getting winded.

Homeopathy is awesome for many things; one of which is shingles.  Now, there are certain diseases that never go away, such as COPD.  We cannot re-grow the lung structure and often when the damage is already done, it is often not possible to reverse the changes.  Diabetes type II is a disease of nutrition and food, and can only be dealt with in a reasonable nutritional way.

Homeopathy works with the body to improve your own defenses.  It does not have a demonstrable drug action so does not have side effects.  I use homeopathy along with other therapies in just about every case.  It is a great therapy that does not get much attention and sometimes bad press.  Homeopathy has the saying “same disease, different medicine.  Same medicine, different disease.”  If you are reading this and want relief of shingles and buy sulphur or bryonia and it doesn’t work, do not be surprised.  The practice involves finding the specific medicine for you, not your disease.  What makes it work so well and so quickly is it is NOT a cookie cutter approach to disease.  This is what creating a treatment plan for YOU means.

I think it gets bad press because many people don’t understand how or why homeopathy works.  For those who have experienced homeopathy, they can tell you it definitely works.  It also is quite inexpensive.

If you are suffering from shingles or any other ailment, call us.  We offer free 15 minutes consultations for you to see if it could work for you.   

mho2 Cases of Shingles – Solved.

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