1 Tip for Weight Loss in the New Year

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It’s another new year!  OMG!  Can you believe it.  I’m sure there may be some of you who have made some resolutions for this new year.  One very common one is to eat better and lose weight.

Here is one tip that will help you to do both!

Chia seeds.

But how can such a small little things pack such a big punch?

Chia are actually anciet.  Native American tribes such as the Chumash used this seed to store water for long distance running.  They would soak the seeds for a couple of hours and then drink the water.  The water combined with seeds would turn into a gooey substance.  The seeds store 27 times their weight in water.  This combination is deeply hydrating.  Once you drink it, it releases its liquid slowly.

The seeds have a lot of calories – so don’t overdo it.  They are great right before a work-out.  They do not disturb the digestion, so it will not weigh down your stomach.

Anemic?  Consider this: Chia seeds are full of iron!  They contain 8 mg of iron for every quarter cup.

Here is the major 1 – 2 punch for those of you wanting to reduce your weight.  CHIA SEEDS are FULL of FIBER!  It comes in at 10 mg per quarter cup.

These little seeds are full of omega-3 fats and contain more alpha linolenic acid than any other plant.  Alpha linolenic acid is anti-inflammatory, supports the cell membranes, and protects the heart by reducing LDL cholesterol.

Chia seeds also reduce blood sugars!  WOW.

Start spinkling the chia seeds in your smoothies, over salads, even try them sprinkled on a pear, avocado, or tomato salad.


Let me know if there is a favorite way you like to eat Chia seeds!  Most importantly – have fun with incorporating them into your daily diet!

mho1 Tip for Weight Loss in the New Year

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