1 Major Reason to Buy Professional Supplements

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I know I may sound like a stickler when it comes to supplements.  I could write about this all day long – but let me share a story I recently read in the Alternative Medicine Review Journal.


On March 18, 2012 Dateline NBC reported on fraudulent laboratory analysis and poor manufacturing on a supplement sold by GNC.  The product was a liquid vitamin called Total Body Formula.  This formula went terribly wrong from the outset – let me give you a little outline of what happened.  The problems all stemmed from having toxic levels of selenium in the product – which caused horrific symptoms in the people who took this formula.

1. Wright Enrichment was the raw supplier of the selenium that was used in the product.  Once they learned of the problem, produced a false certificate of analysis.

2. TexAmerican Food Blending saw black specks in the product and filtered it through women’s pantyhose.

3. Then – Dinesh Patel – produced fraudulent lab analysis on the product.

At any point, this process could have been stopped or tested.  Each company had a role to play in getting this product to market and ultimately hurting people.  This is honeslty – my worst nightmare.  I just don’t think its right that poeple who are trying to be healthy by taking vitamins and minerals are being harmed by negligent and down-right criminal practices.  I unfortunately am reading more and more stories such as these.  It doesn’t seem like the problem is going away.


The burden is typically placed upon the shoulders of the manufacterer to ensure the quality and quantity of nutrients being provided.  I personally worry that companies are just not willing to take the time or money to guarentee the quality of the product they produce.  Very few distributers and retailers do their own quality control practices.

I know there are many quality products out there – but I alone cannot personally test each and every supplement out there to ensure they are being honest.

Contamination is another huge concern these days. It is not unusual to have supplements contaminated with mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals.

Here is my outline in protecting yourself:

1. Never choose the cheapest.  Not when it comes to supplements.  You can get away with buying cheap housewares – but please don’t bargin shop for supplements.

2. Avoid the clear bottles.  ALWAYS.

3. Try to buy professional brands.  I have started a store for this reason alone.  I sell only professional formulas.  These brands are different – they are run by Naturopaths who have a penchant for purity!

4. Don’t try to solve your problems on your own.  Do seek professional help.  I see this one a lot – I tried to solve my car issues on my own – then I realized I was not a mechanic.

5. Do not simply rely on supplements for your nutrients.  Eat a healthful diet in addition to taking supplements.


Click here for one of my professional companies that I recommend and trust and use myself.

If you have similar stories like this or would like to know more, please drop me a line.  I love to hear from you!  As always, be well.



This article was originally written by Al Czap.  The article was called, Atlas Shrugged (Kind Of)


admin1 Major Reason to Buy Professional Supplements

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